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bodywork by kelly has moved, sorta...

Services will soon be available in the NJ/NYC area

Florida Appointments are available every 4 to 6 weeks
Current Florida Dates:
November 12 - 15

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Stop paying premium prices for 
memorized swedish massage routines!

Getting a massage is an investment in your own health and wellness, and you deserve to get a return on your investment.  According to the May 2013 issue of Massage Magazine, there are 39,232 Licensed Massage Therapists in the state of Florida.  Finding a quality therapist in an over-saturation of massage professionals will not only cost you your hard earned money, but your valuable time.

Save yourself the hassle and book a treatment with 
bodywork by kelly



"Kelly is an amazing massage therapist who is able to determine just the right style and type of massage to help whatever happens to be ailing. As a competitive athlete, I find that my needs range from heavy duty athletic/sports massage to relaxation therapy. In the past I've had to visit multiple therapists to accomplish all of my goals, but no longer! Kelly is able to provide the touch that both elevates my game and helps me with recovery afterwards. Give her an hour and I promise you won't be disappointed."

 - Shelley M., Fort Lauderdale, FL
Miami Fury
Broward County Derby Grrls

"There is only one way to describe a massage by Kelly....AMAZING! You are not only getting a massage you are being healed. I have been to a slew of " therapists" over the past 10 years and still had  the same issues. After finding Kelly  my body has  never felt better. I can promise you will not regret a session with her and will find that all your aches and pains will be no longer."

- Allison D., Fort Lauderdale, FL
Miami Fury
BSO Department of Fire Rescue

"I learned about Kelly from my personal trainer,  Now Bodywork by Kelly is a part of my health care team.  She unblocked nerves that have been pinched for years and I left feeling stronger and more limber.  If you want someone who cares and who has the knowledge to take you where you need to be, call Kelly!  She is going to become "unavailable" soon as her following is growing fast, so get on board now -- don't miss this boat!"

- Sharon M., Fort Lauderdale, FL
Weekend Warrior
Certified Ass Kicker

"Look no further! Kelly is an excellent massage therapist.  I agree with another review that her skillset, professionalism and her warm personality is the complete package.  She made me feel at home and knew just the right pressure to work out my issues.  My search for a therapist stops here and will continue to see Kelly."

- Tausha C., Fort Lauderdale, FL
Marathon Runner
Paddle Boarder Extraordinaire

bodywork by kelly

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